Wololo氏による6.20 TNのISO起動についての言及

6.20 TNの開発に大きく関わっているWololo氏が、自身のブログでISO起動について言及しています。
Iso suport on TN Hen? · Wololo.net


Although Total_Noob has no plan on implementing iso support in his Hen (at least in the first release), there is no question that many crackers will work on the subject as soon as the Hen is released.
Total_Noob氏は少なくとも最初のリリースで6.20 TNにISO起動をサポートさせるつもりはないが、多くの人は疑問に思わず6.20 TNがリリースされればすぐにISOが起動できるに違いないと解釈している。

The question is not “will it happen?” but “who will be the first team/hacker to provide iso support on 6.20 and on the PSP Go?”.
この疑問は”ISOサポートについてはどうなるのか?”ではなく、”FW6.20で、さらにPSP goで誰が一番にISO起動をサポートしたツールをリリースしてくれるか?”というものだ。

All eyes are turned on Team Gen, but so far the 6.20 Gen looks reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever, so there’s no guarantee that Team Gen will be working on the new firmwares at all.
すべての目はTeam GENに向いているが、これまでの6.20 GENの動向には”*1Duke Nukem Forever”を連想させるものがある。だからTeam GENがすべての新しい環境で作業をすることを保証することはできない。

However, other hackers already stated they would be working on “enhancing the experience” of the Hen, specifically mentioning iso loading.

Liquidzigong, famous for the recent prometheus modules, announced yesterday that he would be working on iso loading as soon as the Hen is released. There’s no doubt that he has the skills for that.
最近 Prometheus Moduleで有名な Liquidzigong氏が、6.20 TNがリリースされればすぐにISOを起動するための作業を始めると発表した。彼のスキルに疑いの余地はない。


it seems a user has been playing a trick on me here, apologies for that. I’ll wait for liquidzigong’s official reply on that.


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So, independently of the ethics or hackers’ personal goals, iso loading is going to happen on the new firmwares, the question is when, and who will be the one providing this feature first.

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*1Duke Nukem Forever - Duke Nukem - Wikipedia



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